Best Buy CEO Brian Dunn pens a post to respond to recent media coverage.

Specifically the [Forbes article]( from earlier this week. It’s a pretty boring post all around, but it is interesting that he didn’t try to refute or mention the most damning part of the article (most damning part in my mind). That as Larry Downes says:

>The reasons for the company’s dwindling prospects are easy to find. Just walk into one of the company’s retail locations or shop online. And try, really try, not to lose your temper.

The closest Dunn comes is by saying:

>We recognize people can and do shop from anywhere, and they expect thoughtful, helpful interactions from us every step of the way. We continue to invest in a number of areas – from employee training, to critical system enhancements – to ensure our customers always receive the kind of experience they deserve and expect from us, wherever and whenever they choose.

That comes close, but really you can see the lack of customer service is a top down problem. Dunn addresses the Christmas order cancellations by saying:

>The cancellation of some internet orders just before Christmas was our fault, and it’s not representative of how we EVER want to treat our customers. I’ll spare you the technical explanation of how and why it happened, but we know we did not deliver a good experience and we’re truly sorry. We’ve worked to make amends with customers whose holidays were made less happy because of our mistake, and we’re working diligently to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

“Less happy”?


Give me a fucking break.

Posted by Ben Brooks