Jessica Guynn, reporting for the Los Angeles Times, has this quote from, Dropbox founder and CEO, Drew Houston:
>”People may know us today as the magic folder on their desktop or the app on their phone. But we see ourselves as building the Internet’s file system,” he said.

The story paints Dropbox as an amazing service (which it is), but also seems to think that its biggest competition is from things like Apple’s iCloud service — which is wrong.

In truth iCloud will never rival Dropbox because it isn’t built to work on everything, everywhere. No, I think the biggest problem Dropbox faces is the trend of hiding the file system. What good is Dropbox if you never see your files?

More specifically, if your only computers are an iPad and iPhone — Dropbox is significantly less valuable and relevant to you. That’s why the bit I quoted from the article worries me so much.

Posted by Ben Brooks