David Zax reporting on the new Samsung DV300F point and shoot that he feels might bring point and shoots back into relevance:
>There are also some “fun features,” to borrow a press release’s language, including a function that lets you insert one picture inside of another (not something I’ve ever personally felt inclined to do), and another one called “Funny Face” that “allows photographers to add goofy grins, comical noses or even crazy eyes to shots of friends and family in eight different modes.” The camera comes to stores in March.

The use of the word “photographers” in this instance might ((It is.)) be a stretch.

>The most interesting features of the camera are those dual screens and the built-in Wi-Fi; cameras have tried one or the other, but this is the first to combine both in one device, says CNET.

Woah, no way? Really? How much? $199. Not bad, does it make calls and have apps? No. Really?

Why are you telling me about this?

Posted by Ben Brooks