Tim Bray has an interesting post on cellphone screen size, where he says:

>I noticed right from the start that I was always using the bigger one whenever there was a choice […]

He carries one work phone and one personal phone, but they are different sizes and he likes the bigger screen. Again, Bray:

>Yeah, there are a few occasions where I have to wiggle the phone around in my hand to reach some part of the screen. But the huge display and the soft buttons just make the Nexus S feel dinky and stupid and clumsy.

That’s the part I find interesting because I read that as: “Yes the larger phone is more cumbersome to use, but I like that.” I get one phone dwarfing another, but is wiggling a phone around in your hand really the less clumsy option?

Bray again:

>But unless I’m weird, big-screen phones are going to be appealing to lots of people.

Define “lots”…

Posted by Ben Brooks