Joshua Topolsky on the plethora of gadget choices presented by companies:

>For a journalist, it’s daunting — for shoppers, it’s starting to seem impossible.

And a bit later:

>As differentiation between like-minded products becomes smaller and smaller, and the market stratifies around specific platforms or standards (iOS and Android in the case of smartphones), buyers seem to be finding the myriad selection distracting or upsetting instead of exciting or enticing. Anyone who’s been in a cellphone shop lately can probably tell you this.

I agree there are far too many choices out there — particularly in the Android device market. However isn’t another solution — a solution more geared towards what *The Verge* does — to provide solid, [opinionated](, reviews to better help consumer choose?

There is a real need for companies to slim down their product lines and gain focus on a few great devices, but I also think that white-washing every review of a product, well, tends to not help the situation either.

Posted by Ben Brooks