Month: February 2012



  • Windows Desktop UI Concept

    I don’t know how useable this work from `Sputnik8` would be, but it looks damned pretty.

  • ‘Regarding MS Office for iPad’

    I missed all the hubbub about Office and the iPad, but this is a great take from Guy English, starting with this: >“Does it run Office?” >“Yes, it’s on the App Store.” I think that sums up why Office matters for Apple and Microsoft.

  • OmniOutliner for iPad v1.2

    The release notes: >The document picker has been redesigned to allow quicker access to files and easier file management. Tap on the edit button and select a file(s) to access the sharing, duplicate, and delete options. The document picker is so much better I felt the need to post about this update. Still no iCloud […]

  • ‘The Problem With Dumb Pipes’

    Trevor Gilbert makes a really strong argument for not turning cell networks into “dump pipes”: >You may think that AT&T slows down speeds because it really likes to be mean and hates the customer. In truth, it is because it needs to make money to exist at all. It needs to grow to survive. Not […]

  • The Financial Times’ Paid Subscription Model

    Robert Andrews: >In the U.S., print circulation was overtaken by these digital subscribers for the first time. Impressive, especially considering they don’t have an app in the App Store any longer. A large part of me thinks that paid subscriptions, rather than advertising, is the way to go.

  • ‘Verisign Seizes .Com Domain Registered via Foreign Registrar on Behalf of US Authorities’

    Mark Jeftovic: >But at the end of the day what has happened is that US law (in fact, Maryland state law) as been imposed on a .com domain operating outside the USA, which is the subtext we were very worried about when we commented on SOPA. Even though SOPA is currently in limbo, the reality […]

  • Promoted Tweets in Twitter for iPhone

    Word from the [Twitter blog]( >With our most recent app updates, Promoted Accounts are now in Twitter for iPhone and Twitter for Android. And in the coming weeks, we’ll begin introducing Promoted Tweets in the timeline on these mobile apps. Many would think this is precisely the reason to *not* use the official Twitter apps, […]

  • Quote of the Day: MG Siegler

    “The only people I know that use Google+ regularly are people who work at Google (and Robert Scoble).” — MG Siegler

  • TSA: Fail

    Speaking of the TSA, check out what Steve Moore, former FBI agent, has to say about them: >TSA has never, (and I invite them to prove me wrong), foiled a terrorist plot or stopped an attack on an airliner. Ever. They crow about weapons found and insinuate that this means they stopped terrorism. They claim […]

  • TSA Leaves Metal Detector Unattended

    Mallory Hoff: >According to TSA officials, “a walk-through metal detector was left unattended for less than one minute.” lol. [via Consumerist]

  • MLB at Bat 2012 Goes Free, Uses Monthly in-App Subscriptions

    It’s a fantastic app — an instant home screen app for me.

  • ‘Google Cable TV Coming to Kansas City’

    MG Siegler with a reminder: >The types of deals needed for content plays don’t seem to exactly be Google’s strong suit. I hadn’t thought about that when I first heard about the Google TV service, but man it could be a sad offering given Google’s track record.

  • Old Fashioned 101

    Martin Doudoroff: >You do not mash up fruit of any kind in an Old Fashioned. I’ve never had a pure Old Fashioned if this is the case… [via Kottke]

  • Gmail Signups

    It now takes a credit card to get a Gmail account — how anyone is OK with that is beyond me. If a free service ever asks me for my credit card, I immediately know that the service is “free”, not free. Update: A couple of people have told me that: a) this is optional […]

  • My Thoughts About Different Tech Companies Over the Years

    Like the title says: ### Microsoft **1990-1999:** Apple can’t touch them. They are *the* platform going forwards — no need to worry about your OS — just buy damned fast hardware. **2000-2002:** Meh. **2002-2004:** Why is nothing new? I am tired of blue and green or silver and green start bars. **2004:** See ya. **2005-2007:** […]

  • ‘Apple Loophole Gives Developers Access to Photos’

    Nick Bilton: >“Conceivably, an app with access to location data could put together a history of where the user has been based on photo location,” said David E. Chen, co-founder of Curio, a company that develops iOS apps. “The location history, as well as your photos and videos, could be uploaded to a server. Once […]

  • iPad Event March 7

    Should I line up now?

  • Ars Technica Goes Misleading Headline Style

    Jacqui Cheng goes with this headline “Mercedes Benz to integrate Apple’s Siri for hands-free commands”, which made me stop and be all like “no way, rad” then I read this in her post: >According to the IBTimes, Drive Kit Plus integrates with Mercedes’ app called “Digital Drivestyle” that projects the iPhone’s screen onto the car’s […]

  • John Gruber on Android Tablets

    Gruber asks: >Just me or does it seem like you see a lot more than five iPads per Android tablet in the wild? (A guess: a lot of junky 7-inch Android tablets gathering dust in drawers.) It’s not just Gruber, I rarely see them. My guess: buyer’s remorse.

  • Marco Arment on Andy Rubin’s Statements About Android Tablets in 2012

    Arment: >It’s magical thinking Indeed.