Update: Looks like I was wrong about the camera sensor. However I do think the headline is still misleading, how much of that is the fault of Savov I don’t know.

Vlad Savov on The Verge ran the headline: “Nokia launches 808 PureView with 41MP camera: hands-on pictures, video, and preview” and then said:

The headline spec is that the brand new camera sensor inside it is composed of 41 million pixels, however as you might have surmised, this handset doesn’t take full 41-megapixel stills. Instead, it oversamples — taking the image data from seven neighboring pixels and consolidating it into one pixel’s worth — and generates pictures roughly 5 megapixels in size.

If you knew in the first paragraph that the camera wasn’t really 41-megapixels then why did you run with that in the headline? Oh yeah, pageviews.

Note that Nokia also is a bit misleading in the advertising of this camera.

Posted by Ben Brooks