Harry Esteve on the proposed law: ((Meanwhile Washington is inches away from legalized gay marriage.))

It was dubbed the “flash mob” bill when it got a hearing Monday at the Oregon Legislature — a proposal to make it a felony to summon people by Twitter or email to commit a crime at a designated place.


Sen. Doug Whitsett, R-Klamath Falls, said he asked for the bill because he heard from retailers about being victims of flash mobs that steal stuff.

and then:

“If someone wants to bring a whole bunch of people to the Capitol to demonstrate, no problem,” he said. “But if they’re solicited to come to the Capitol at 9 p.m. to firebomb the place, that’s a problem.”

The man does have a point, I mean, firebombs are not cool. ((As if we needed another reason not to live in Oregon, Sen. Whitsett wants to make sure we point and laugh.))

Posted by Ben Brooks