Harry Esteve on the proposed law:1

It was dubbed the “flash mob” bill when it got a hearing Monday at the Oregon Legislature — a proposal to make it a felony to summon people by Twitter or email to commit a crime at a designated place.


Sen. Doug Whitsett, R-Klamath Falls, said he asked for the bill because he heard from retailers about being victims of flash mobs that steal stuff.

and then:

“If someone wants to bring a whole bunch of people to the Capitol to demonstrate, no problem,” he said. “But if they’re solicited to come to the Capitol at 9 p.m. to firebomb the place, that’s a problem.”

The man does have a point, I mean, firebombs are not cool.2

  1. Meanwhile Washington is inches away from legalized gay marriage. 

  2. As if we needed another reason not to live in Oregon, Sen. Whitsett wants to make sure we point and laugh. 

Posted by Ben Brooks