It seems like it has been far too long since I talked about iPad text editors here. Dave Caolo has a nice review of Phraseology and talks about one of it’s most unique features:
>The Arrange Menu offers drag-and-drop control over the body of your document. Specifically, you can rearrange paragraphs, sentences and line breaks with a swipe. Just grab the handle next to each and drag that element to its new home. The Arrange Menu even shows the word count and character count for every paragraph and sentence. Deleting elements is just as easy; tap the red delete button and they’re gone.

I don’t remember when or who told me about this app, but it is quite clever in a few areas. Admittedly I am not a fan of writing in it, but I am a fan of editing my documents in it (for those rare times when I do: a) write 100% on my iPad and b) actually edit). It’s worth giving it a look (or just reading Dave’s review) if you are into iPad text editors.

Posted by Ben Brooks