Since we are on the topic of linkbait, here is a post from Teambox. The general idea of this post is this: they have a horizontally scrolling web app, but because of the way that Lion implements (by default) horizontal scrolling some users end up moving backwards in their web history instead of scrolling the Teambox web app.

After they did (I am sure) copious amounts of research, the people at Teambox have decided that Lion:

>[…] breaks the web with a non-standard behavior, and gives you no JS API to prevent it.

The funny thing is, does it really “break the web”? Nope, just checked and I could still use “the web”. What about the non-standard part? Well it comes *standard* on all new Macs this way, so I am going to go ahead and say that this is 100% a standard feature for most all Mac users.

What this article is really about is a web app that doesn’t work well with Lion’s new default behavior, thus breaking this one particular web app. What this isn’t about is “breaking the web”.

Posted by Ben Brooks