This article so perfectly encapsulates everything that is wrong with RIM — it actually astounds me that people listen to Mr. Martin. Gordon Pitts writing:

>In a rare outpouring of candour by a RIM director, he heaps scorn on the notion that the board should have hired a star outsider to re-energize RIM – a strategy that, he points out, failed abysmally at other stumbling tech giants, including Dell, Hewlett-Packard and, in its troubled 1980s, the now seemingly flawless Apple.

>”So we’re supposed to hand it over to children, or morons, from the outside, who will destroy the company?” he [Martin] says. “Or should we try to build our way to having succession?”

Nah, just stick with internal morons, which is clearly the better option.

>Mr. Martin agrees the two ex-CEOs made mistakes, particularly in the U.S. market for smartphones, where Apple and Google-based products have stolen the BlackBerry’s thunder. And he concedes the board failed to push for more marketing muscle in anticipation of serious competition.

Yeah, because everything would have been fine with better/more marketing.

Ok one last quote:

>But today, he is distracted by two pressing issues – the Super Bowl loss by his beloved New England Patriots and the fate of RIM, a company perceived to have lost its way in the smartphone market, causing its stock price to plunge.

“Perceived” — really?

[via Lessien]

Posted by Ben Brooks