Rob Enderle:
>Granted, there were folks who believed the iPad 2 didn’t offer enough of an improvement over the original device to justify the purchase. I didn’t agree then, but with the 4G data limitations and the file size, power, and weight issues connected to the new display, well, I simply don’t see the iPad 3 as a better tablet – just different.

[No, Rob, you didn’t agree then — instead you just thought no one would buy an iPad 2](

>Actually, I think they will have lines for the iPad 2, at least initially. If those first customers get excited about the device then Apple will be fine – although I’d still likely question whether anybody else will be; given no other tablet has yet to sell as well.   


Lastly, where’s the data to back this claim up:

>Clearly, if you are an iPad 2 user you already have the better product.


Posted by Ben Brooks