Mary-Jo Foley:

>Some folks think moves like the alleged Mac and iPad ban make sense. Others find them overblown. If current purchase levels really are low, as the alleged memo says, why go so far as to ban them, asked one former Softie. And what about knowing your enemy?

>What’s your take? If it’s really happening (which I believe it is, given where I got the e-mail), is this a smart or a pointless move on Microsoft’s part? My vote is smart. In fact, I’m surprised this policy wasn’t put in place before.

I’ve always been of the mindset that if your employees don’t want to use your own products, you have way more to worry about than whether customers see your employees using a competitors products or not. After all shouldn’t your employees be your most loyal users? And if you don’t have that, then what does that say of your future as a business? Not much.

Posted by Ben Brooks