I don’t really get the argument here. Clint Boulton is making the case that the new iPad can and will cause two problems for businesses:

1. Bandwidth issues.
2. Data plan prices.

He says that the LTE speed will clog networks — but those networks aren’t in the control of any corporation except those providing them. Then he talks about going over data plans by watching HD video and checking in on March Madness — yet data plans have always had caps.

The HD video argument is valid because now iPad users are probably seeking out that quality, but checking March Madness stats isn’t going to take any more data than it did on the older iPads. Websites don’t necessarily get larger just because a device has faster cellular internet, or a larger screen. I get where he is going, but the fact is that even though the iPad can display high resolution graphics, most website don’t serve those. Further just because a user can download things faster, doesn’t mean they will download *more* things.

More than all of that though, I don’t get why this argument doesn’t end with the simple solution of allowing iPads onto corporate WiFi networks. ((My guess is that is too non-confrontational and easy.)) That would eliminate all of the concerns. He almost gets there with the Hyatt example, but instead of using that as the new model it seems Boulton is looking for page views by criticizing a new Apple product. Lame.

Posted by Ben Brooks