Paul “Supersite” Thurrott amuses me greatly, so I always like to read his takes on Apple “issues”. Today he posted about the iPad heat hubbub (which I have not personally noticed):

>In the scope of things that could go wrong with a consumer electronics device, this is probably on the mild side.

Wow, right there in agreement with you Supersite.

>After all, Apple’s iPhone 4 shipped with a list of hardware defects so long, just covering them all accurately was difficult.

Say what now? The only actual “hardware defect” I can think of that he could be referencing is the antenna issue. I searched about and the only other issues that popped up were a the couple of reported battery explosions (not to minimize that danger) and home button inconsistencies. To say that the list was “so long” that they cannot be covered seems to me like the biggest jackass statement of the week.

The nerds on Twitter remember the following issues:

– Antenna.
– Battery explosions.
– The white ones being delayed forever and discoloring (I don’t recall the latter bit).
– Color issues with the screen (I thought that was resolved as a glue drying thing. Wherein once the glue dried it looked fine, perhaps I am mistaken.).
– Easily scratched (Don’t recall that, but searches did pop up complaints).
– Shattering the glass taking on and off cases That doesn’t seem like a hardware defect to me, but OK).
– Home button not feeling right on some units.
– Home button not being responsive, but was later fixed (in most cases) with software updates — meaning it was not a hardware defect in most cases.

That’s 8 issues, many of which I don’t think are fair to classify as hardware defects as much as manufacturing defects — but either way a list that is not too long to recite. Oh, Supersite.

Then Supersite just pulls me back in with this comment:

>Consumer Reports, more famous for not recommending the iPhone 4 than for its decades of consumer advocacy, is reportedly investigating. We await their ruling from on high.

LOL. Oh Supersite, you are so hit and miss.

Posted by Ben Brooks