John Brownlee on Quasar by Pedro Franceschi:
>I’ve been saying since last year that this is a killer feature Apple should try to lift in iOS 6, but up until now, all we’ve seen are jailbreak hacks sloppily emulate the functionality. No longer. A hack has finally come along that does it right.

Brownlee has clearly lost it, take what [Craig Grannell has to say for instance](

>I admire the technical skills of the author, but am dumbfounded at the commenters on the Verge piece and elsewhere clamouring for such functionality to be built into iOS. First, the Quasar system is pretty ugly, with chunky ‘Close’, ‘Full Screen’ and ‘Rotate’ buttons.

This is an ugly hack, but more than just that (as Grannell talks about) it is counter to everything that the iPad stands for. Like the [Brydge]( Kickstarter campaign this is [another instance]( of people wanting to make their iPad into a Mac.

The iPad is not a Mac and no matter how much crap you attach to the outside of it, or how many hacks you apply to the software, you will be sorely disappointed if you want to make an iPad into a Mac.

This hack is sloppy and it *is* a hack, add to that the fact that it adds a feature that the iPad doesn’t need. Meaning: you just put one of those Honda Civic, weed wacker sounding, exhaust systems on your Ferrari.

Posted by Ben Brooks