Isaiah with a counter to Shawn’s (and others’s) post about the iPad [replacing a laptop](
>The problem is that writing, posting to a blog, and reading blogs are some of the tasks that an iPad is perfectly suited to do. So there seems to be no end to the number of writers that can tell us about their iPad productivity. It’s a bit of a self selecting bunch, though.

The funny part about this post is the Isaiah thinks we (writers) are writing to ourselves here, but Isaiah is coming at it from a programming and design aspect.

What we really need to do is look at using the iPad as a general purpose computer from the standpoint of the average computer user. Which means the iPad needs to be able to do three things:

1. Check email.
2. Check Facebook.
3. Get photos off of another device.

Personally, I think the iPad excels at all three, and that is why I advocate for it to be the first and/or *next* computer that most people buy.

Posted by Ben Brooks