‘Beleaguered Microsoft’

The Macalope on Windows 8 tablets:
>The problem for Microsoft is that the “slap full applications on a touchscreen and call it a day” experience has been available for ten years, and only diehards like Brookwood have bought into it. If the Macalope were a betting beast, he’d wager Brookwood that the most successful Windows 8 tablets will be the ARM-based devices that don’t run legacy desktop applications.

That seems like a safe bet to me. Before Microsoft is going to be able to compete with the iPad though, they are going to need compelling apps. Since devices are now all assumed to be fast enough, and the hardware is mostly back burned to a screen with tablets — it really comes down to: “So what can I *do* with this?”

That’s the question that Apple answered with the app store: Anything. Luckily for Apple, developers agreed. That has yet to be the case for Microsoft and, largely, is not the case for Android. ((Certainly not to the extent that it is for iOS.))