Jean-Louis Gassée on RIM:
>Of course, there is one intriguing possibility left: Microsoft could do to RIM what it did to Nokia. They could convince RIM to abandon its unlikely-to-succeed “native” software effort and become the second prong in Microsoft’s effort to regain significance in the smartphone wars. We can picture the headlines: RIM Joins Nokia in Adopting Windows Phone, Microsoft Now Firmly Back in the Race…

I think the smart move for RIM is to forget about devices and create apps for Windows Phone, Android, and iOS. You have your BlackBerry app that ties into your secure corporate server where your email, contacts, BBM, and calendars await you. Yeah, I wouldn’t use it, but I bet RIM could convince security conscious companies that this is a “smart move”.

I think Gassée is right when he speculates that no one is going to buy RIM for their patents — and at this rate why buy them at all?

Posted by Ben Brooks