Alex Knight this April (2012) talking about *Wired* magazine on the iPad:
>After subscribing, I downloaded the gargantuan April issue at 789MB. The good news is it took less than five minutes to download over LTE (there goes my data cap). The bad news is the user experience is absolutely horrible.

Shawn Blanc on Wired Magazine back in July of 2011:

>When downloading an issue of *Wired*, you literally cannot do anything with your iPad but let it download the magazine issue. They weigh in around 300 MB and easily take 20 or 30 minutes to download on a decent Wi-Fi connection.


>Apps like Instapaper and Reeder offer more of a “reading environment” (like a library); *Wired* and *The New Yorker* are more like an amusement park with words.

By my count, not only has *Wired* not gotten any better, it may have actually gotten worse — that’s kind of amazing.

Posted by Ben Brooks