I never thought I would want to stick something like this on my desk or any other piece of furniture — so when these came out I dismissed them. Then my wife and I moved and we each got new nightstands — nightstands that had no way to keep our charger cables on the top.

After weeks of have to fish around the floor to plugin my phone and then try to discern in the dark if I had a hold of the iPad or iPhone charger, well I broke down a bought these. This is easily in the top 10 of best things I have bought for $10 or less.

They just work perfectly, no really.

So if you notice that you have a cable that keeps dropping to the floor when you want it on your desk, or wherever, do yourself a favor and order these.

(They also come in other colors, [like white](http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/B004K2YBQI/ref=nosim&tag=brooksreview-20).)

Posted by Ben Brooks