I’ve had this printer for a while now and I have to say: it’s the best printer I have ever owned. I specifically chose this printer for the quality and the size.

Because looking at 8×10 prints is neat, but looking at 13×19 prints is fantastic.

My wife and I don’t really buy artwork to hang on our walls, we buy frames and fill them with pictures of *our* life.

Yes, the paper I use is expensive because I want the prints to look great.

Yes, the ink doesn’t last long and is massively expensive and requires all the colors to be full before printing in black and white.

Yes, it is a printer in an increasingly digital world.

But — man — it’s a hell of a printer, and after all it’s much more satisfying to look at your photos when they are hanging on the wall.

Oh, and this printer used to retail for about $900, but through Amazon can be had for the bargain price of $535.71 after rebates. So there’s that too.

Posted by Ben Brooks