I saw this lighter in an issue of Backpacker magazine and immediately ordered it based only on it’s looks. I actually didn’t read much up on it, as Backpacker only had a small blurb.

When I got the lighter I was pretty shocked, it isn’t a butane lighter — the Fidis uses old-school lighter fluid. I actually had to go buy some. So to compare I also fueled up my Zippo.

They don’t compare. I think the Zippo has a bigger flame and the Zippo holds a lot more lighter fluid, but these are two very different lighters.

Both are wind proof, as evidenced by testing them with the Dyson AirBlade blowing on them both and lighting under those full-speed conditions. The Fidis, however, also has two other really cool things that make it great for a week long hiking excursion.

The Fidis has a lighter fluid reservoir that you can use to store refill fluid and thus refill the lighter without having to pack in a separate container. There is also no shortage of extra flints sized for the lighter stored in the lighter as well. These little things add up to a really nice camping lighter, one that makes a good effort to make sure it is all you may need on the trail — especially for shorter outings.

You won’t be melting plastic like you do with a butane lighter, but it is a really nice lighter that should get the job done.

Oh and I should say: it is built like a tank. The entire lighter feels solid, much better feel than a Zippo.

Posted by Ben Brooks