A big thanks to this week’s sponsor: [Dark Sky](http://darkskyapp.com/?ref=brooksreview). They really do make a different kind of weather app, one that I find not only useful, but supremely beautiful. I use Dark Sky just about everyday, multiple times, it’s on my iPhone home screen and in my iPad’s dock.

Quite literally the only problem that I have with Dark Sky is that I like it too much. The guys behind the service have gone through such great lengths to make the data fast to get out of the app that you need not spend much time in the app — yet it is so interesting to see the weather maps and look at the graph that I often find myself, very rudely, staring at the app for no reason.

If rain is something that you want to know about (really everyone on in the Pacific Northwest with an iOS device should own this), then I really do urge you to check out Dark Sky.

Posted by Ben Brooks