Farhad Manjoo:
>I’ve long trusted and admired Google. I use its services to store and organize my most personal data, including my email, contacts, bookmarks, Web history, and calendar. The Street View scandal hasn’t destroyed my trust in the company, but after reading the report, I no longer trust it implicitly.

In my mind that is the worst statement someone can make about a company like Google. For users to use Google services they simply must trust the company — you just end up storing too much data there to not trust a cloud company of Google’s reach.

Manjoo continues:

>Even in the best-case scenario, someone at Google thought it would be a good idea to insert code that spies on the world, and no one else noticed. It doesn’t inspire my confidence that, a far as anyone from the outside can tell, anything has happened to the people who perpetrated this.

>How do we know some similar rogue program isn’t operating in Gmail, Chrome, or Android?

Great question.

Posted by Ben Brooks