The amazing Brett Terpstra posted his [Markdown Editor Wishlist](, which was met with much praise. Dr. Drang however has this to say:
>I guess the real problem with Brett’s list and me is that I disagree with the entire notion of a Markdown editor. Markdown is just plain text—any text editor should do just fine.

I land (mostly) on the side of Dr. Drang here. It’s nice that iA Writer does some of the things specific to Markdown, but it’s not a deal breaker for me if it did nothing but plain text.

Where I do see a need, is for better Markdown support in iOS text editors. Specifically in getting some of the Markdown keys to the top layer (such as the asterisk and hyphen keys) — that’s something that is problematic because of the iPad keyboard, not because Markdown users need more help.

Another thing I think we are seeing here is that Markdown is becoming more widely adopted as a replacement for having to learn HTML, and that in itself is going to prove problematic.

Posted by Ben Brooks