>When searching for a particular subject, a list of Facebook friends who may know about that topic is displayed in a light-gray sidebar on the right-side panel of the results page. “So if you query ‘Hawaii,’ user models in the network look at public information in your profile such as where your friends live or have lived, what they’ve liked on Facebook, and photos — and turn up a list of people who likely have information relevant to your query,” says Sandy Wong, principal development lead for Bing. “You’ll still see search results for Hawaii within the traditional Web search results. But now you’ll also be able to consider the advice of your friends who may know something about Hawaii.”

Bing will pull from Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare, Yelp, LinkedIn, Quora — man there’s one missing isn’t there? Hmm. Oh yeah, Google+ — yeah doesn’t pull from that. So let’s recap:

– Bing: Pulls from all non-Google social networks.
– Google: Pulls from Google+

I’m still a DuckDuckGo fan, but this is a smart move from Microsoft.

Posted by Ben Brooks