Tim Bradshaw (whom FT wants you to know is in London, for some reason):
>The deal, which includes new funds from existing backers Andreessen Horowitz, Bessemer Venture Partners and FirstMark Capital, values Pinterest at about $1.5bn, putting the image-led “curation” site among the world’s hottest young internet companies.

That seems crazy right?

Not when you take a look at [this infographic from Shopify](http://www.shopify.com/infographics/pinterest) (hat tip to [Panzer](https://twitter.com/mpanzarino/status/203156438443507713)).

There are three key things in that infographic:

1. Pinterest already drives the same amount of referral traffic as Twitter.
2. Buyers from Pinterest spend (on average) 10% more than buyers from other social networks.
3. The average Pinterest order is twice that of the average Facebook order.

That means Pinterest has a huge and growing user base that is actually *willing* to spend their money. That is way more valuable, in my mind, than anything Facebook has. If Pinterest keeps this up, they will be the better investment.

Posted by Ben Brooks