Paul Kafasis tried to reenact the Samuel L. Jackson Siri commercial and it sounds like Apple needs a “results may vary” disclaimer.

There’s no doubt in my mind that I am better off with Siri than without, but she can be a very frustrating woman. What makes Siri even more frustrating (at least to me) is that Apple is always changing things on the back end. People often comment that Siri has gotten worse or better, but what’s really happened is Apple has tuned Siri to *be* more accurate and thus we notice the changes on the user end.

This would be a good thing, if as humans we didn’t adapt, but we do adapt. When I tell Siri: “Call my Wife.” I get back a prompt that says something like: “Sorry, I don’t have a number for ‘My Wife’.” Which is stupid. So I put my Wife’s contact as my spouse on my contact info, aaaaannnndd Siri still couldn’t figure it out.

I even told Siri to remember that “My wife is Erin Brooks” — to which she said “OK” — no go.

Then I added “Wife” as the nickname to my Wife’s contact and tried that. No dice. What does work for me: “Call Wife.” It took me all of 20 minutes to get that working when Siri came out, now it’s my default behavior.

That’s just one thing, but there are tons of corrections that *I* have made to the way that I talk to Siri to make her work better for me. Now, when Apple tweaks Siri on the back end, sometimes they fix the workarounds I was using and the end result is that my workarounds don’t work as well.

I don’t see this changing because Apple *must* make Siri more accurate and in the process Apple is going to (unintentionally) break things periodically that we, as users, adapted to.

Posted by Ben Brooks