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I had a stack of a hundred of pages of paper. Nothing too important, but everything important enough that it needed to be kept. I could scan it all, but that gives me a bunch of files that needed renaming and sorting. So I worked up a little foo.

All scans go into a folder called OCR from my ScanSnap, that part was easy enough.

From there, this handy AppleScript from David Sparks does the heavy lifting. The Script opens each PDF in PDFpen and does OCR on the document, then saves the file back. Now that my document is fully searchable I don’t need to worry about sorting or naming.

From there, Hazel moves the PDF into my PDF archive folder.

All of this is done without me touching a thing. It’s like magic and I doubt I will ever run into a build up of paper again.

I use PDFpen daily, it’s the default PDF application on my Mac. It’s a great app, add to it the iCloud sync with the iPad version of the app (which I really love), and you can begin to get a clear picture of how I keep minimal paper in my office.

PDFpen is $60, PDFpenPro (which I use) is $100. As a reader of The Brooks Review Smile on my Mac is offering you a special code: $15 off PDFpen or PDFpenPro. That means that you can buy PDFpen (or PDFpenPro) and PDFpen for the iPad, for the same price that non-TBR readers would pay for just PDFpen. (Expires May 15, 2012. Does not apply to upgrades.)

These two apps are essential to my daily workflow.