Since we last checked in the TSA had a huge check mark they put in the win column, [when they found gun parts in a stuffed animal and a knife in walker of an elderly person](,0,5437194.story). The story is rather surprising to me, not because the TSA did their job, or bragged about doing their job, but because some person thought that these tactics would work. The kicker:

>A man traveling with his 4-year-old son contended that he didn’t know the gun parts were in his son’s toys.

That’s a crafty 4-year-old.

Speaking of crafty, [the Department of Homeland Security’s inspector general surveyed how well the TSA is doing at fixes problems after security breaches are found and as CNN reports](

>The Transportation Security Administration is failing to adequately report, track and fix airport security breaches, according to the Department of Homeland Security’s inspector general.

>As a result, the TSA “does not have a complete understanding” of breaches at the nation’s airports, says a report from the inspector general.

Well, if you can’t fix the problem, hide the problem.

Speaking of problems, apparently the TSA doesn’t care if you are former advisor of presidents and Nobel Peace Prize winner — nope that won’t stop the TSA from groping you. Just ask former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, 89, [who got the “full monty” from the TSA]( Patting down an old man in a wheel chair is bad enough, but it’s pretty bad when he probably has a higher security clearance than your boss.

What’s worse than that? Well how about buying $184 million dollars worth of security equipment and instead of installing it you just store it in a warehouse in Texas? [According to the Washington Post, that’s exactly what is going on]( Actually what’s worse is when you are a government agency that knows you are about to be found out, so this is what you do:

>The delay was a deliberate effort to get rid of 1,300 pieces of unused screening equipment before investigators arrived in February, the report said.

In the end, it didn’t work, but `A` for effort?

Speaking of the letter A ((Ok that was a stretch.)) , [the TSA wants to remove the “human factor” from viewing the porno-scanner images, instead replacing the human body with an avatar]( — no word yet if you can use your Twitter Avatar or not.

Lastly, since we are talking about identity, [a Newark Liberty Airport security supervisor is charged with identity theft]( (hat tip to [John Gruber]( — going back 10 years. Now I don’t think this guy was TSA, but I bet as a security supervisor, TSA didn’t think twice about letting him into secured areas. I have got to get me a security badge…

Posted by Ben Brooks