Nick Bilton concluding a great post about privacy and trust differences with Twitter and Facebook:

In the long run, people will trust Twitter more than they do Facebook. And when it comes to building a long-term, trusting relationship with its users, Twitter will take it slowly and steadily, and in doing so, could win the race.

It’s a really interesting point to think about if you ask me. At what point, or what thing, would Facebook have to do to get you to say: “That’s it, I am done.” For me that happened a while ago, for reasons that truly don’t matter to you.

To me, Facebook is currently the Microsoft Windows from 1997. Everyone used Windows and everyone complained about Windows. Fast forward to today and everyone is on Facebook and (it seems) any user that has been on the site for over a year is complaining about Facebook.

That’s not to say Facebook can’t change, but it’s something to think about every time you use a new service that requires personal information, ask yourself:

  • Do I trust them?

Do you trust Microsoft more than Facebook? I do. Do you trust Google? Hell no. Should you?

Posted by Ben Brooks