Nick Bilton concluding a great post about privacy and trust differences with Twitter and Facebook:
>In the long run, people will trust Twitter more than they do Facebook. And when it comes to building a long-term, trusting relationship with its users, Twitter will take it slowly and steadily, and in doing so, could win the race.

It’s a really interesting point to think about if you ask me. At what point, or what thing, would Facebook have to do to get you to say: “That’s it, I am done.” For me that happened a while ago, for reasons that truly don’t matter to *you*.

To me, Facebook is currently the Microsoft Windows from 1997. Everyone used Windows and *everyone* complained about Windows. Fast forward to today and everyone is on Facebook and (it seems) any user that has been on the site for over a year *is* complaining about Facebook.

That’s not to say Facebook can’t change, but it’s something to think about every time you use a new service that requires personal information, ask yourself:

– Do I trust them?

Do you trust Microsoft more than Facebook? I do. Do you trust Google? Hell no. Should you?

Posted by Ben Brooks