Claire Suddath:
>For people with kids, finding a healthy work-life balance can feel almost impossible. Women are still overwhelmingly the primary caregivers (according to the U.S. Census Bureau, only 32 percent of fathers married to working women regularly cared for their kids) but they’re working more than ever before. They do still work shorter hours than men do, but now the daily gap is only 41 minutes, with a third of them also working on weekends. When two parents work such similar hours, raising a child requires impressive displays of multitasking, compromise, and advance planning.

I like that she points out how in the U.S. we pat ourselves on the back for our insane work hours. Personally, when people ask me how much I work I will usually answer: as little as possible. The odd part is that this comes across as a joke to most people — when really it should be our goal.

Posted by Ben Brooks