Khoi Vinh on the “Allow use of location data” prompt that iOS presents when an app wants access to the photos on the device:
>From a technical perspective, this dialog box makes sense, because the sensitive information at question isn’t the photos but the location data. Nevertheless, it’s a very confusing way to ask the question, because most users don’t think of their photos as being anything more than just that — photos.

It’s a really poor dialog, but it has to convey two things to users:

1. That the app wants access to photos.
2. That your photos *do* contain location data.

It’s quite a challenge to do this with one small dialog — here’s hoping it gets changed in the next update. Perhaps just allow Apps to get to Photos while stripping the location data?

(Vinh also points out how annoying it is to change your mind at a later date too. Can’t imagine the support emails for that alone.)

Posted by Ben Brooks