Rachel Metz:

>It’s clear that the fledgling service has a ways to go, though. Currently, much of the on{X} experience takes place in a Web browser: You can only add, modify, or code rules from the website. The mobile app allows you to delete or turn off rules, or view the activity log related to individual rules.

>Still, Weitz thinks users will be drawn to on{X}, since we’ve long desired the kind of automated intelligence that can alert us in the morning if it will be a cold day.

It’s an interesting project by Microsoft to create an IFTTT type app for Windows phone. What’s lame is that all work needs to be done in the browser and in JavaScript, which makes the above statement seem silly, IFTTT can alert you of cold weather, no JavaScript needed. This is the type of service though, that iOS needs, an Automator/Keyboard Maestro like tool for iOS.

Posted by Ben Brooks