Poornima Gupta and Lee Chyen Yee reporting on the secrecy that Microsoft kept with the Surface:
>Windows chief Steven Sinofsky made a round of telephone calls but gave only the barest details on Friday, neither revealing the name of the gadget nor its specifications, two people close to Microsoft’s partners told Reuters.

Basically, then, some Microsoft partners learned the name Monday, but weren’t left in the dark about specs, because really no one has the specifications… still.

Also I love this bit:

>Ovum’s Dawson said Microsoft was giving its OEM partners “a huge vote of no confidence” and they would “rightly feel slighted”.

That would be true if Microsoft hadn’t been sitting and waiting since 2010 for the hardware “partners” to make a decent device — and I’m no Microsoft apologist, but you had to see this coming.

Posted by Ben Brooks