Chuck Skoda, [responding to the rumors that Amazon will release a smartphone](, speculates that the Internet browsing and apps are what makes the iPhone a success, a component that Amazon hasn’t shown it can be good at, so Skoda asks:

>How many books, movies, and tv shows are you consuming on your phone?

When I look at most everything Amazon does it is very clear to me that the strategy is consistently: sell more. The Kindle sells more ebooks, the a Fire is trying to do the same with media, so what the hell would a smartphone sell for Amazon?

Do people really need an Amazon device to buy from Amazon? No.

If this rumor holds it seems very much like a break in strategy and a ‘me-too’ move from Amazon, which is not how they got to where they are today.

*Side note: am I the only one that wants Amazon to release a product named ‘Amazin’? I can’t be alone in this wish.*

Posted by Ben Brooks