Marco Arment responding to [this post from Stephen Hackett](

>I think I’d have a hard time ever working for someone else again. Not because everyone else sucks, but because I suspect I’ve lost the ability, if I ever had it, to be a very good employee for anyone else.

Fun fact, once I graduated from college I never worked for another person. I’ve been my own boss since 2005 and even before that I only had worked for my Dad’s company — so my traditional office experience is non-existent. Since college I have had half a dozen companies.

Working for yourself isn’t for everyone, in fact the most crucial part is being able to own your fuck ups. By that I mean walking up to a client/customer/reader and saying: “I screwed up, it was my fault.” The second most crucial part is having a solution.

I don’t say that to sound like I know it all, but I’ve started and failed at my share of companies and yet I support my family, with my wife, off of a company I created (she also created her own company). I do this because literally the only thing I knew about how I was going to make money when I graduated from college was that I wasn’t going to make money working at someone else’s company.

The hardest part is making the decision to do it, everything else is just doing the work.

Posted by Ben Brooks