Shawn Blanc, writing about iOS and Mountain Lion, and where and why OS X is headed where it is:
>To build iOS, Apple needed its years of experience making OS X. And now, to refine OS X, Apple needs its newfound expertise from iOS to bring power and simplicity back to the Mac.

You should actually go read Shawn’s entire post because it is one of the best posts I have read about OS X, iOS, and the direction Apple is taking. The notion that Shawn presents, of Apple having the ability to throw out everything and start from scratch with iOS — and then bringing those paradigms back to the Mac — is spot on.

What OS X is shifting into *is* more iOS like, just probably not in the way that you think it is. It’s not about features or UI, it’s about simplifying things that have been unnecessarily difficult in the past.

I hope that Apple continues on this trend, I hope that we see all files in iCloud stores, I hope that more and more [I don’t have to worry about where something is](, or how to find X. I think that’s the computers job.

Posted by Ben Brooks