Interesting looking camera that shoves the guts of an entry level dSLR into a smaller camera of the size class that the micro 4/3s play in. When I saw the news of this my first reaction was “crap”, because having just bought the Panasonic GX1 I thought I really should have waited for this. I am a huge Canon fan, and given that you can buy an adapter to mount the Canon EF lenses on this, it looked like a great deal.

The more I read about it though, the less I like it. First the controls are made to be set and fiddled with on the touchscreen, with the ability to do so in a very cumbersome manner via the few hardware buttons the camera has. The GX1 has touchscreen controls as well and I hate them. What I hate about them is two fold:

1. I have to look at the screen to use the button. Whereas with physical buttons I can memorize the location and change settings without having to look at the camera. That may not be a big deal for many, but I change settings on my cameras all the time, so I expect this would be very annoying for me.
2. On the GX1 you can set a focus point for the camera to lock to by tapping an area on the screen, but while this is a really nice feature, it’s incredibly frustrating when I accidentally hit the screen with my hand and guess what: I get an mis-focused image of a priceless face my daughter was making.

I am not saying the EOS M will have these problems, but they are the two things that concern me most about the camera. However if reviews start coming in that this camera is substantially better than the GX1… well anyone want a GX1?

Posted by Ben Brooks