Over the weekend the developer behind Sunstroke reached out and shared this app with me — I hadn’t heard of it before. I promptly purchased the app ((New TBR rule: I don’t accept promo codes any longer.)) and have been using Sunstroke as my RSS reader on my iPhone since then. Fast forward to today and Sunstroke is still being used over Reeder.

I am 100% on Fever° as my RSS reading engine, and while Reeder supports Fever° — well it supports Fever° in a very Reeder like way. Meaning you aren’t really supposed to know what engine you are using when you use Reeder — which is fine.

Sunstroke though is very much a Fever° client and I like that. Two things really stand out to me about Sunstroke:

1. The hot list implementation is really great.
2. The client marks items as read as you scroll past them — something that I would have to do with a gesture in Reeder. This feature alone makes it worth it.

Of course not everything is roses. Sunstroke is not nearly as pretty as Reeder. The single item view is rough looking. Most of the mechanics are shared with Reeder: such as swiping left or right to perform a sharing action. Sunstroke is also much faster at syncing with Fever° for me — no really fast in comparison.

Gun to my head, I don’t think I would recommend this over Reeder to many people right now, but I truly believe it is a solid offering and with a little design help it could be a better Fever° client than Reeder.

#### Further Reading

See also: [Viticci’s review](http://www.macstories.net/reviews/sunstroke-a-solid-fever-client-for-iphone/).

Posted by Ben Brooks