Garrett Murray on the [iCache Geode]( that he backed on Kickstarter:
>Frankly, I’m surprised the iCache Geode is legal to sell in the United States. It could effectively be used as a skimming and cloning system. The price point of the iCache Geode is low enough that nearly anyone could afford to buy it and go around cloning credit cards.

I had missed this device/case when it went through Kickstarter, or at least I missed it, but Garrett Murray will save me the trouble of buying. Noting that he only has had 20% success rate with the card and it takes about 30 seconds to get ready. The above quote though is very concerning — it is already a known issue that less than reputable wait staff have card skimmers that they use. The difference is that these villains have used skimmed card data to sell to people, the Geode basically makes the data instantly useable to them — on the spot.

That alone is enough reason for this product to not be legal.

Luckily though, as Murray notes, it doesn’t work all that well.

Posted by Ben Brooks