Dalton Caldwell is fed up with being exploited by ads on social networks:
>Why isn’t there an opportunity to pay money to get an ad-free feed from a company where the product is something you pay for, not, well, *you*. To be clear: I’m glad there are ad-supported options, but why does that seem like the *only* option? For example, I have the option of buying a Mac if I don’t want to buy a crapware-infested PC, right? I have no interest in completely opting-out of the social web. But please, I want a real alternative to advertising hell… *I would gladly pay for a service that treats me better*.

He’s got a Kickstarter like campaign going where you can pledge $50 to get the project going. I’m in for $50. It’s for a Twitter like service, but one where they make the best product — not the most creative ways to inject ads. I like for pay services, so I am excited to see if this gets funded.\

[More info about the project here](https://join.app.net).

Posted by Ben Brooks