Michael Tsai stumbled upon the dirty secret of Parallels: they spam their users. Both in the VM with offers from different 3rd party manufacturers, and by email — I get a reminder seemingly every week to update to some new version of Parallels that they rolled out. The updates are great, but as a customer it feels like I no sooner update than a new one is out, it’s worse that staying up to date with Apple goods.

I like Parallels otherwise, but I will be buying Fusion instead of upgrading Parallels.

The thread is amusing to read with some good screenshots of what I am talking about, my favorite part is that Parallels kept responding only in private messages — that’s bad form, in fact all the Parallels responses are shitty.

**Update:** [Here’s how you turn them off](http://hints.macworld.com/article.php?story=20120724235352514).

Posted by Ben Brooks