A great curves video tutorial from Aaron Nace on the 500px blog. If you take photos at all, then you should watch this because it can really do wonders for your photos.

This got me to thinking about something else though — and so excuse this tagent. One the last remaining, somewhat relevant, Yahoo! properties is Flickr. But Flickr hasn’t been great in years. I [recently stopped using it in favor of 500px](http://brooksreview.net/2012/04/500px-2/) and think you should give 500px a shot if haven’t yet.

Now thinking about Mayer being the new Yahoo! CEO, Flickr, and 500px — it seems to me like right now 500px is the ultimate realization of what Flickr could have been. The photos on 500px are stunning, the design is top notch, the site is easy and fast to use — it’s a great site and a better product.

So it occurs to me, what with Mayer being branded a product person, that 500px seems like it would be an exceedingly smart acquisition for Yahoo!. ((Note: I have no clue what to do here. Yahoo has an `!` at the end of the name, but what happens when I need to say then name and then end the sentence? What a mess.)) Yahoo! could give it the funding, backing, and exposure — transition all Flickr users to it and boom: instant relevance.

Just a thought.

Posted by Ben Brooks