Wells Riley on designing with retina screened computers:
>Whether Photoshop scales a 1x image or not, I’m still not getting a real-world representation of a pixel-perfect 1x image on a 2x screen. It just can’t happen. The screen is too good to be backwards-compatible.

The problem isn’t designing for the new retina MacBook Pro, the problem is designing *on* the new retina MacBook Pro *for* non-retina screens.

Due to some unavoidable circumstances I scrambled to work up a new theme for this site before I launched the paywall — so the entire site was designed on my retina MacBook Pro. No problem, I whipped the site up using Coda 2, tested it on my iPhone and iPad — everything looked great. Then I got to my office and tested the new design on my MacBook Air, and — oh shit — things didn’t look right. So unless you view this site on a retina machine, you are *not* viewing it how I designed it. Luckily I don’t use any image files for the design, so I haven’t had to deal with that. Also it’s a pretty basic site, but still it was a bit of trouble.

It would be difficult, if design was my job, to not have a retina MacBook Pro, but just as difficult to design with a retina MacBook Pro. Should be interesting to see how this plays out long term.

Posted by Ben Brooks