Jean-Louis Gassée lays out some options that RIM has left, but it seems to me like every option they have falls into one of two categories:

1. Futile.
2. Already shot down by their CEO.

I think we are likely to seen an acquisition from a larger company, one that hopes to get a foothold in the all too “important” enterprise business. The real question is whether or not RIM has a commanding share of that market anymore.

I have no doubt that RIM still has a commanding share based on usage, but what about mindshare? How many corporate C-level executives are clamoring to get the latest RIM devices? Now compare that to how many are forcing their companies to support iOS. Not even close.

A year ago is when RIM should have been acquired, but a year ago is also when RIM was still vastly delusional about their future. Reality is setting in, and the truth of the matter is that it may be too late for RIM to do anything with the company. A slow, quiet, death maybe the best RIM can hope for.

By the time BB10 launches it won’t matter. Forget about BB10 competing with iOS or Android — it will first have to compete with Windows Phone 8, which will be making a major play for corporate love — backed by Microsoft money, Windows, and Exchange.

Even at that Microsoft may be too late and they are far closer than BB10.

Posted by Ben Brooks