Me thinks the latter is the case, as Nick Bilton reports:
>Mr. Costolo said he wanted to migrate away from developers building more external Twitter apps, to a world where developers and companies are building products inside the Twitter platform — a move, he argued, that would create a better experience for users.

That sounds an awful lot like Facebook apps to me, than it does iOS apps. How many Facebook apps do you depend on daily, or are willing to pay money for? I actually don’t know the answer since I don’t use Facebook, but I’d guess that the answer is less than how you feel about iOS apps.

I think that none of this comes as a shock, and the bigger question is not whether Twitter wants developers building Twitter clients (they don’t), but whether they will ever cut off access to existing third-party Twitter apps. I’ve long thought that they would have to cut off access, otherwise how do you stop developers from building new Twitter apps?

Posted by Ben Brooks