Marco Arment:
>I use a Mac client all the time, for almost all of my Twitter use. Without a great Mac client, I’d use Twitter about as often as I use Instagram: in occasional bursts on my phone when I’m bored, but not regularly.

Ditto, 9-5 Monday through Friday is all Mac usage of Twitter. I currently use Osfoora on the Mac, I don’t love it, but it’s better than Twitter for Mac. It’s clear to me that on mobile devices Twitter thinks you should be using a native client.

What’s also, unfortunately, becoming clear to me is that on the desktop Twitter thinks you should be using the web view. Well guess what? I hate the web view because it sucks. I have to wonder if Twitter thinks TweetDeck is the native desktop solution (I hope not) because otherwise I don’t know why a company would waste such a great app in Twitter for Mac.

I know many don’t think Twitter will kill off third party apps, but I honestly don’t see how you build a profitable business without killing them off. This is why I worry about Twitter’s future for nerds like me if Twitter forces to use the web view on our Mac/Windows/Linux boxes.

Posted by Ben Brooks