Even though I live in the rainy Pacific Northwest I still need to wear sunglasses fairly often. As such I am very sensitive to finding a good pair. The last few sunglasses I have owned have all been Rayban sunglasses and before that Persol.

While I highly recommend the Persols — they were simply out of my budget this go around. So I went with some from American Optics, which claim they make the “original” government issued fighter pilot sunglasses. Let’s face it, Top Gun influences boys that grew up around the time I did.

I went with the 57mm and the Silver model, and I really like these sunglasses.

What I like most about them is that they are solidly made — I truly feel like they might even survive being sat on (if left on the car seat). Be sure to check out AO’s handy guide for choosing the right size for your face, and then go get a pair if they are your style. They are inexpensive and well made.

Posted by Ben Brooks